Ironman w.i.p.

Trying out Mucha’s Art Nouveau hair as Ironman’s flames. Like the way its going, after its colored I’ll be interested in seeing how it looks.

The Tank Full of Dangerous Ladies

The “Tank Full of Dangerous Ladies” is pretty much my favorite line from the entire Avatar series. Or maybe its Zuko’s reply to Sokka saying his first girlfriend turned into the moon. “Thats rough, buddy.”  Both are clever beyond reason. This is a work in progress, part of a larger piece, hope to ink and …

Yip Yip

Pencils for a new Avatar/Mario Kart mashup. Aang and Appa. Think I’ll change Aang’s right hand, tho.

Korra Kart

This is the place in MarioKart’s Royal Raceway I always go too fast and dunk into the water. Police Chief Lin BeiFong seems to play the same way I do. Asami looks like she’s about to the the same thing in her satomobile. My brother Josh always puts bananas at the top of the ramp …

Korra Kart

This is a work in progress. We watched Wreck It Ralph the other night, and loved the Sugar Rush game. And Charlie and I have been playing Mario Kart before bedtime for about a month now. (He beat me last night.) Stoked for season 2 of Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

The Leopard Seal

The leopard seal snapped again.  Illinir pulled herself forward so she wouldn’t interupt the water flowing past her.  She glanced back. The leopard seal snapped again, and Illinir’s fingers clutched her penguin’s feet tighter. The penguin claws bit into the palms of her hands.  The water was too dark – they were too far from …

The Antarcticans

At the bottom of the world, to lose your penguin means starvation. So when Illinir of the Penguin Menders loses her egg she runs away. As her unstoppable mother urges the colony to waddle across the icy wastes in search of her, Illinir joins a crew of raiding pirates, survives a freezing blizzard, and mends …

Hot Tub

Rendering of a hot tub designed for a New York Penthouse apartment. The client looked it over, pointed to the moon, and said: “OK, I get it, I see what you’re doing there.” More renderings of the project:

Tolkien’s Roads

The venerable J.R.R. Tolkien and the path of the ring. Colored pencil from a several years back. I would do this very differently now but I still like alot about it. Some of the happiest days of my life were spent coloring this. I’m reading the Fellowship of the Ring to my kids now and …

Nelly’s Dream House

I designed the house that catches fire 2:25 into Nelly’s “Just A Dream”. With 143 million + hits, this will probably be my most seen work. See the house here: You too can own the house of Nelly’s dreams: Edward House by brinca dada

Phylogenetic Organization of the Metazoa

As you can see from this diagram, almost everything else turned into some sort of slimy worm. We rather lucked out, if you call it luck. In biology, phylogenetics (pron.: /faɪlɵdʒɪˈnɛtɪks/) is the study of evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms (e.g. species, populations), which are discovered through molecular sequencing data and morphological data matrices. …

Apostle Quadriptych

Compiling the first four apostle portraits into one.  You can find info on the individual pieces in past blog posts. Prints available here:

Richard G Scott Nuclear Engineer & Apostle

Richard G Scott was interviewed by the then-Captain (later Admiral) Hyman G. Rickover for a job on a top-secret project involving nuclear energy. The interview seemed to go poorly since, when Scott mentioned his recent missionary service, the volatile Captain snapped, “and what do I care about your mission?” When asked what was the last …

Return With Honor

3rd in the series. Hales flew F84 Thunderjets and F100 Super Sabres in the 31st Fight Wing for the Strategic Air Command and the Tactical Air Command. Here are the other two: Boyd K Packer Dieter Uchtdorf  

Yale Art Gallery Ceiling Animation

Kenneth Frampton and Anne Tyng discuss the construction of Louis Kahn’s Yale Art Gallery. Followed by a 3d Animation Ken and I worked out to explain how the unconventional ceiling structure came together. If the talking bores you jump ahead to the exciting part, 1:30 into the video.