Butch Cassidy aka Robert LeRoy Parker, is my great-great uncle. I read about him in a book this week, and as a kid he got all the other kids to participate in grasshopper races. He also never drank or smoked. His only vice seemed to be robbery. I suppose we all have our weaknesses.

Avatar Mario Kart

Finally getting around to coloring this.  What got in the way? Working on a charter school and joining the faculty of ASU. Also buying a house and renovating my house. Back to coloring, got a new Wacom and loving it. Cant wait to get good at it someday.

Iron Man Ambigram

Twas thinking about Iron Man flying, and falling, and art nouveau, and ambigrams. Daydreamed this image. Iris pointed out that I want non-solid objects to have mass and weight to them.  When I was probably 4 or 5 I would get headaches that I perceived came from large, solid yet invisible blocks of air smacking …